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Dear Antique Sword and Edged Weapon Collector.

Do you collect antique military swords and edged weapons?  Are you interested in acquiring the best quality infantry, cavalry and naval swords?

British, French and German Antique Military Swords

If so, then please take the time to look through my constantly changing stock of antique British swords HERE, including infantry officers’ swords, British cavalry officers’ swords and British naval officers’ swords.  I also specialise in European antique military swords including French Napoleonic infantry, cavalry and naval swords.  German antique military swords are a speciality of mine and I particuarly like to acquire Imperial German infantry, artillery, cavalry and naval swords.  I have found that German swords from the period 1850-1914 are especially fine and range from German lionshead infantry and artillery officers’ swords to the wide range of enlisted mens’ swords and hangers.

NOTE: All the images of swords shown here are examples of swords sold by myself over the last few years and are indicative of the quality and variety that I sell.

© Harvey Withers, 2021.
17th and 18th Century Hanger Swords

One of my personal favourites is the 17th and 18th Century Hanger.  The sheer variety of these swords is quite remarkable and a lifetime’s worth of collecting can be devoted just to this area – the hunting sword is one of the most recognised forms of the hanger and you can find them in a myriad of forms.  Below are a few typical styles encountered by the collector and also sold by myself.

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The Antique Rapier

A very exclusive area of antique sword collecting is the rapier.  By the very nature of it being a sword type most popular in the 16-17th Centuries, original examples are not easy to find and prices tend to be quite.  Saying that, it is one of the most attractive of antique swords and the sheer beauty of some examples can take one’s beath away.  The rapier was probably at its zenith in the early 1600’s and it is during this period that we encounter a large variety of complex hilts and extremely long blades.  Most rapiers were designed primarily for duelling and would not have been used in the field of combat where a shorter and more robust sword blade was required.  See below for some examples of swords that I have sold or featured on web site.

© Harvey Withers, 2021.